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Week 10 in Fourth Grade
Jennifer Thompson

 This has been a great whirlwind week!  It was so amazing to finally let all the students meet at once and get to know each other. We reviewed classroom procedures, made new friends, started a new unit on the Middle Ages and reviewed for our upcoming math test.  There will be a test on Monday that will have addition and subtraction with regrouping as well as word problems with multiple steps. Please check your child's review work and make sure they feel ready for the test.

    Homework for Friday should have been written in agendas. Here's a list for you just in case. I would like you to sign their agendas when they have shown you all their work is completed.

CKLA Activity 1.4
Middle Ages: Medieval Castles
Middle Ages: Introduction to the Middle Ages
Math: Test Review

     Our next book report is coming home today too. It will be due Nov. 16th. 

Week 9 in Fourth Grade
Jennifer Thompson

    This week in CKLA, students got to share their personal narratives with the class. We also shared our book reports with each other. We took our NC Check-in tests for both reading and Math this week as well.

    In Math we moved even further in our word problems from 2-step problems to multi-step problems. This is a very hard concept for most students. We tried to be good detectives this week to solve our problems. We are using a CUBES method in class everyday to analyze the problems. Here are the steps: C- circle the numbers, U-underline the question, B- box any key words, E- eliminate info you don’t need, and S- Show work and solve.

-The fourth grade team

Week 8 in Fourth Grade
Jennifer Thompson

This week in CKLA we have continued to work on our personal
narratives. We have created our final drafts. Next week we will
continue to share these and do author interviews with classmates. We will also share our book report puppet shows. There will also be a NC Check-in tests for your students.

In math we have continued learning to add and subtract with
regrouping. Our focus is on reading and deciphering word
problems and seeing these numbers in real life situations.

-The fourth grade team

Week 7 in Fourth Grade
Jennifer Thompson

This week in CKLA we are learning about conclusions and how to wrap up a story. Then students will create their own conclusion for their personal narratives. We will be editing and starting a final draft next week.

       In math we will take our 2nd test this week. We will be learning about subtracting multi-digit numbers with regrouping. We'll use tape diagrams and place value charts to help us. We will also practice how to analyze word problems to look for hints to know we should subtract.

-The fourth grade team

Week 6 in Fourth Grade
Jennifer Thompson

 This week in CKLA, students will be wrapping up and starting to edit their first drafts of their own personal narratives. We discussed cause and effect as we wrote our conclusions to our own stories. We also worked to replace verbs in our writing with more “vital verbs.” We finished our first CKLA test.

     In Math we continued with rounding and then moved on to review multi-digit addition problems with a focus on word problems. Our second math test will be next week. Please check with your child and see how they are doing on their homework.