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Amazing start!
Amanda Rossi

Almost 3 weeks in!! Our scholars are doing so great adjusting to their new routine. I love seeing all these sweet faces in the building! Keep up the amazing work BCCA! -Amanda Rossi

Skylar Davis

Our vision as the EC team is to challenge each of our learners to reach their full potential. We believe that each student learns in their own way and it is our job to differentiate our lessons to ensure that each childs needs are met. 

Angela Browder- EC Team Lead: I believe that the roots of education run deep but the fruit is even sweeter. In thinking of this it reminds me that it takes a great deal of effort to achieve full potential. 

Skylar Davis: I believe that each and every one of our students are capable of greatness. I believe that it is our job as educators to instill positivity and a love for learning in each of our students. As an educator, I am here to make my students feel safe, welcomed and as if they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. 

Leslie Lucas: My educational philosophy has not only developed from my work experience in special education over the past 15 years, but it has also developed from my interactions with exceotional children outside of the classroom. I believe that all students thrive when they know that their teacher truly cares about them as individuals. I believe one of the most important things to understand as an educator is knowing that not all students reach their full potential in the same manner.