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Students in Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Classical Education

Bonnie Cone Classical Academy utilizes the classical education model to prepare students not only for academic success but for critical thinking and real-world immersement. This model focuses on the three stages of learning: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. As a K-8 school, we center our instruction on the first two stages—grammar and logic—to support age-appropriate learning and development.

At BCCA, we teach our students how to think, not what to think, and how to learn, not what to learn. In doing so, we can extend their educational experience to strengthen not just their minds, but their overall wellbeing.

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Our Curriculum

BCCA applies classical education to a rigorous curriculum that is aligned with state and national standards.

Our curriculum is guided by a Core Knowledge Sequence, which includes instruction in Language Arts, American and World History, Geography, Visual Arts, Music, Math, and Science. Combined with programs such as Eureka for math, this curriculum provides our students with a thorough and comprehensive education that is taught in innovative and effective ways.

BCCA also employs a spiral approach, which introduces new concepts and then revisits and builds upon them, for greater understanding and increased internalization.

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K-8 Program

Consistency is the key to active and practical learning. By applying our principles in each K-8 classroom, students at BCCA can learn in a comfortable and familiar environment, assisting with comprehension and digestion of new materials.

We use a clear grade-by-grade sequence of instruction, focusing on maximizing participation and understanding for students in that grade. This sequence allows new information to build on previous knowledge, for clear progress that children can be proud of. Our well-designed curriculum also ensures that students are learning age-appropriate material at the right time.

The result is students that are confident in their knowledge and in their ability to learn—a confidence that will benefit them through high school and beyond.

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Assessments and Standards

Bonnie Cone Classical Academy uses a balanced assessment system, including formative, benchmark, and summative assessments. We utilize the Northwest Evaluation Association’s Measure of Academic Progress (MAP), a computer-adaptive assessment designed to identify students’ areas of strength, along with any skill gap(s). 
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Quality Learning and Academic Excellence for Grades K-8

Bonnie Cone Classical Academy’s goal is to inspire each student to think critically, communicate effectively, and achieve academic excellence by providing academic choice. We seek to align the natural developmental abilities of a child to produce intelligent, literate, curious young adults who can think, solve problems, and follow through on a wide range of interests.

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