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Our Curriculum


Eureka Math, the curriculum used to teach mathematics at BCCA, is a knowledge-building curriculum focused on conceptual understanding and math fluency. Eureka Math takes different learning styles into account to help students reach an understanding of math’s underlying concepts. Its focus on this understanding—rather than just finding the right answer—make it the perfect fit for BCCA’s classical education philosophy.

Language Arts

Bonnie Cone Classical Academy uses the Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) curriculum in grades K-5 and the Core Knowledge sequence in grades 6-8. Together, this is a comprehensive English Language Arts (ELA) program designed to teach students reading, writing, speaking, and listening while developing deep vocabulary and broad background knowledge. Based on years of cognitive science research, expert educators know that foundational skills and background knowledge are the keys to successful literacy. CKLA builds on this research by attending to the reading gap by addressing the knowledge gap.

Classical Education Geared Toward Future Success

At Bonnie Cone Classical Academy (BCCA), we integrate traditional academic practices into a modern, standards-based curriculum that helps students grow as scholars and individuals.

Our classical curriculum is centered around knowledge: acquiring it, making sense of it, and applying and sharing it. With this method, students learn how to think and how to learn, rather than what to think and what to learn.

Another common aspect of classical education is Latin instruction. BCCA provides Latin instruction in Learning Latin gives students valuable insight into vocabulary, syntax, and foreign language study. In this way, Latin instruction is reflective of classical education as a whole: learning it furthers learning itself.

Other important components of classical education include:

  • Access to important and timeless works of literature
  • Emphasis on the rules of language Learning progressively abstract mathematical concepts (e.g. moving from basic arithmetic to algebra)
  • Instruction and material that is developmentally appropriate at each stage of learning

Schedule a tour to learn more about classical education and how it is applied to BCCA’s curriculum.

The Core Knowledge curriculum is a rigorous, comprehensive academic curriculum focused on building a strong foundation for later learning. This knowledge-based approach ties in perfectly with our adherence to the classical education philosophy. Core Knowledge also aligns with national standards and, partnered with Eureka Math, meets or exceeds the guidelines set forth by the NC Accountability Model. At BCCA, we work to ensure that the way we teach the content maximizes retention and instigates progress. The content spirals helping our scholars master material by building upon the knowledge gained from previous grade levels.

We have seen firsthand the success that students can have with Core Knowledge, especially when applied using Bonnie Cone Classical Academy’s classical education methods. This combination gives students a thorough education and leaves them excited to learn more.

Learn more about Core Knowledge and see our students in action by scheduling a tour. We are positive that you will love our campus and see the benefits of our educational model.

Fostering our Students’ Love for Learning

Bonnie Cone Classical Academy’s curriculum is designed to nurture our student’s growth and development as well as foster their love for learning. Using unique methods and proven programs, we encourage exploration, discovery, and creativity, setting students up for a bright future of academic achievement and lifelong learning.

Learn more about our curriculum, the classical education method, and more by touring our school. We look forward to meeting you!

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