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Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome students, parents and staff to our brand new website! Bonnie Cone Classical Academy is proud to present this new and improved platform to vastly improve user experience, communication and interaction with our school. We wanted to present this celebratory post to not only celebrate, but to also grant a light introduction as there have been many improvements. 

Parent Resources

BCCA parents and staff, we value your hard work and dedication and we want to make sure that when it comes to resources, everything is here at the click of a button as you should not have to stress. We have Dress Code and School information, Health and Enrollment forms, Lunch Menu information, School calendar and so much more as we want to make sure that you are 100% up to date with everything. To help you get started with the new site layout and to view all of these informative documents please see the Parent Resources page here.

Our Amazing Students

This brand new website and all of the efforts put in to building it would be impossible without our amazing students at Bonnie Cone Classical Academy as it is ultimately made for them. This site is a new benchmark for us further improve our top level of education. BCCA is looking forward to what this new school year and new site brings us as we are continuing to evolve and grow. We hope you love the new website and we are looking forward to seeing you for this upcoming school year!

Our Mission

"Bonnie Cone Classical Academy will equip students with the tools of learning to think critically, reason effectively, and communicate persuasively through the rigors of a classical education."

Our educators and school leaders equip students with the tools they need to be successful throughout their K-8 academic career. Through our classical curriculum and core virtues, we expect to see each student flourish academically, socially, and emotionally. Apply online for K-7 at BCCA. 

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